Build Your Character, Not Your Reputation

HK$30,000,000,000. That’s a three with ten zeros behind it. This was how much it was worth for the biggest project I had ever worked on. Not only was the amount of money staggering, but I also got the opportunity to work with some of the best minds from around the globe. Our consortium consisted ofContinue reading “Build Your Character, Not Your Reputation”

How To Think For Yourself – The Art Of Independent & Critical Thinking

Like most people, I was cooped up at home during the outbreak of COVID-19 last year. I spent most of my time reading: books, news, articles, blogs, and social media posts. I had probably downloaded more than 50 books on my Kindle and read most of them. But I had a strange realization when IContinue reading “How To Think For Yourself – The Art Of Independent & Critical Thinking”

Paradoxical Leadership – Where Optimism Meets Pragmatism Creates Resilience

On September 9, 1965, while returning from a mission in North Vietnam, the US Navy pilot Captain James Stockdale’s A-4 Skyhawk was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Stockdale ejected, breaking a bone in his back and badly dislocating his knee which subsequently went untreated and eventually left him with a fused knee joint and a veryContinue reading “Paradoxical Leadership – Where Optimism Meets Pragmatism Creates Resilience”