Slow, Smooth, Fast

When I first started training for a marathon, I thought I could accelerate my development just by working harder. I believed the harder I pushed, the more training I take would get me there faster. But this approach led to frustration, burnout, injuries, and a break from the training. Until one day I stumbled uponContinue reading “Slow, Smooth, Fast”

From Stone Age to Digital Age, Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins

One hundred billion people have walked this planet. Nearly eight billion of them are alive today. Each has a unique story to tell. No matter what generation and technology are, from the days of the Stone Age all the way to the Digital Age and everything in between, storytelling is crucial for survival as wellContinue reading “From Stone Age to Digital Age, Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins”

Lessons Learned From The World’s Toughest Man

I have read many books on a wide range of subjects but if you ask to pick one that stands out from the rest, it will definitely be Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds, written by David Goggins. I had probably re-read and re-listened to this book/audiobook more than a dozenContinue reading “Lessons Learned From The World’s Toughest Man”

The World’s Deadliest Pilgrimage: 1,000-day Marathon To Enlightenment

In 2015, James Lawrence completed an astonishing feat in endurance sports. Lawrence, who is also known as the Iron Cowboy, completed what he called the “50-50-50 Project”: 50 triathlons, in 50 different US states, in 50 days. Each day, he swam 3.86 km, biked 180.25 km and ran 42.2km; that was 226.31 km or 141 milesContinue reading “The World’s Deadliest Pilgrimage: 1,000-day Marathon To Enlightenment”

What Can We Learn From The World’s Greatest Freedivers

How long can you hold a breath? The average adult can manage 30 seconds. Can you reach one minute? Perhaps two? Can you fathom reaching nine minutes, two seconds? Natalia Molchanova achieved that time, the women’s world record in static apnea—holding her breath while motionless in a pool—in 2013. Molchanova, considered by many to beContinue reading “What Can We Learn From The World’s Greatest Freedivers”

How To Create Remarkable Moments To Make The Most Of Your Life

At the beginning of his memoir Chasing Daylight, Eugene O’Kelly wrote an extraordinary statement: “I was blessed. I was told I had three months to live.” What would you do if you had only three months to live? It’s often through contemplating death that we come to realize what is–and isn’t–important in life, and howContinue reading “How To Create Remarkable Moments To Make The Most Of Your Life”

Paradoxical Leadership – Where Optimism Meets Pragmatism Creates Resilience

On September 9, 1965, while returning from a mission in North Vietnam, the US Navy pilot Captain James Stockdale’s A-4 Skyhawk was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Stockdale ejected, breaking a bone in his back and badly dislocating his knee which subsequently went untreated and eventually left him with a fused knee joint and a veryContinue reading “Paradoxical Leadership – Where Optimism Meets Pragmatism Creates Resilience”

Death Is Our Best Teacher. Fear Is Our Best Friend

Have you ever asked yourself why you are afraid of death? It’s normal to be afraid, of course. But exploring why we are afraid of death might be instructive on how we are to live. Do you have unfinished businesses to accomplish, ambitions that aren’t fulfilled? Are there too many dreams not pursued, loves thatContinue reading “Death Is Our Best Teacher. Fear Is Our Best Friend”

Most Important Lessons In Life Are The Most Counterintuitive

A near-death experience taught me one of the most important lessons in life. I was afraid of water when I was a kid, I didn’t start to learn swimming until I was around 14. Back then I just was just kind of playing and practicing in small training swimming pool with my friends. I feltContinue reading “Most Important Lessons In Life Are The Most Counterintuitive”